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Eugene Nagel ’49 recalls re-entering Cornell after serving in WWII. A famous member of their class then was Bud Strauss of Levi Strauss fame. Bud brought five of his polo ponies with him. The members he knows go back to the early ’40s and he would like to know if there are any mem-bers of his class still living.

Bertram Pitt ’53 retired as professor emeritus from the University of Michigan School of Medi-cine, but he is still active in designing and running clinical trials in patients with heart failure. His son, Geoffrey, is the head of cardiovascular research at Cornell Medical School. Bertram lives in Ann Arbor, Mich. E-mail:

Alfred “Skip” Wilder ’62 reconnected in February with Brother Nate Isikoff ’64 and his wife, Suzan. E-mail:

John Cobey ’66 is still practicing law and living in Ohio. He has worked professionally with Brother Andrew Berger ’66 as well. E-mail:

Hyman Gottlieb ’78 celebrated his second anniversary with his second wife. They have been to-gether for 12 years now and enjoy life together. E-mail:

Adam Kressel ’09 is excited to announce that he and his wife, Alyssa, are expecting a son this June. E-mail:

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